San Antonio Services

  • Residential

    Residential Services

    For most people, a home is the single largest financial investment they will ever make. Understanding that the entire process can be stressful, Old Republic Title offers its residential property clients a single point of service for the closing transaction.

    Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the real estate property transfer, Old Republic Title provides its trademark first-class level of service to ensure that every customer enjoys a pleasant experience when buying, selling or refinancing.

  • Commercial

    Commercial Services

    Old Republic Title offers a single point of service for commercial clients, regardless of property size, complexity or geographic diversity.

    We specialize in commercial, single-site, multi-site and multi-state transactions throughout the country. Highly experienced and knowledgeable, our industry professionals facilitate simple or complex transactions swiftly and accurately, and in a manner that’s customized to meet your specific needs.

  • Lender

    Lender Services

    Old Republic Title has been serving the real estate and lending industries for more than a century and is recognized as an industry leader. Our lender clients benefit from our solid reputation for providing accurate, streamlined closing and escrow services for all types of transactions.

    Our title products and services can be tailored to each individual lender’s requirements through any of our convenient, local branches in San Antonio.

  • Builder

    Builder Services

    For San Antonio, Old Republic Title offers several unique qualities to serve our builder customers. We’re local, experienced and backed by the strength and reputation of our parent company.

    Old Republic Title is one of the largest title insurance groups in the country. We operate through a national network of Company-owned offices, affiliates, authorized agents and approved attorneys, which allows us to service our customers in both large and small markets across the country.